The Inspection

Our comprehensive 24-page report allows you to take a detailed look at your investment.  Although the report contains a large amount of information, it is indexed for fast, easy reference.  The report is delivered to you on the spot at the end of the inspection so you can complete your real estate transaction quickly, with the information that you need.

Your Home Sweet Home Inspection will include the visual observations of:

- Roofing

- Exterior

- Structure

- Electrical

- Heating

- Air Conditioning

- Insulation

- Plumbing

- Interior

Also included in the report are useful information sheets for each category.  They contain valuable hints and ideas to understand and maintain the systems in your home.

Since the best way to protect your investment is to keep it maintained, we have included a special section that you can continually refer to with helpful reminders of when and what to look for on a regular basis.

Our professionally trained inspectors perform at or above OAHI & ASHI standards of practice and code of ethics.

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